MWLUG 2016 Recap

Attending MWLUG  last week in Austin, Texas was an enjoyable and educating experience despite the undercurrent of uncertainty that was felt throughout most of the event.  The decision of IBM to drop the release of Domino 9.0.2 from the 2016 roadmap had many attendees discussing the ramification of that decision on the future of their work and careers.  Despite all of that, I feel very positive about the future.   For current xPages developers, there will likely be plenty of work in that space for years to come even if future releases are fix packs on top of the 9.0.1 codestream.  Furthermore, there are many options available to modernize xPages applications in varying levels of complexity and reliance on the current xPages stack.    My co-worker John Head addressed that topic in his session on application modernization, Kathy and I provided platform-neutral ideas on dashboards and data visualizations, and many other sessions offered platform-neutral content valuable in and beyond Domino.

Some of the other specific highlights (in no particular order) of interesting content included:

  • Roy Rumaner presenting on vision accessibility in web pages
  • Kato Mann and Keith Strickland talking about Web Components
  • Howard Greenberg offering details on using maps, trees, and collections in Java
  • Eric McCormick talking about automating application builds and webpack
  • Jesse Gallagher talking about Darwino and modern application structures

The slides for my session with Kathy titled Using Dashboards to Transform Application Data Visualization can be found at SlideShare.

Finally, I can’t speak about MWLUG without talking about the wonderful friendships I have made attending these events.  This year was no exception.  New friends were made and plenty of time was spent socializing with many of the people that make this such a special community.  Special thanks to Richard Moy and Amanda Bauman for all their hard work making this event happen.  I hope we are all able to get together like this in some fashion or another for years to come.



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